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At Natura, we put People first. Through Faith and a constant Learning attitude, we take on complete Ownership of every project we create, and it shows in the Quality of our work. Our mission of creating environments where people thrive is always our number one priority.
Office Plants, Indoor Plants, Green Living Walls, Holiday Decor
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Outdoor Plants

For commercial enterprises, the advantages of a professionally installed and maintained landscape go beyond “curb appeal” right to the bottom line.

A well-designed landscape invites everyone—employees, customers, vendors—in, resulting in higher occupancy rates, increased rentals, and lower vacancies.

The benefits go beyond occupancy when you consider that the proper selection and placement of plant material can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent while creating a healthier environment. The use of landscape to lower noise levels, reduce crime, and enhance unpleasant views are economical alternatives that add up to increased profits.

Exterior Outdoor PlantsFor decades, Natura has prided itself on providing outdoor plants and exterior patioscape designs that are distinctively better. That means sourcing ultra-healthy plants that arrive to you lush and beautiful. With hundreds of exterior containerized installations, we are experts in knowing what works and what doesn’t in our challenging Texas climate.

Our process continues to evolve – we’re always improving and perfecting our planting and installation techniques to achieve the most beautiful exterior designs with the highest standards in our industry. We are committed to protecting and preserving our environment through environmentally friendly installation and horticultural care practices.

Natura is synonymous with distinctively better exterior plants and patioscape designs. Being the best in our industry is a process – part art, part science, all loving-care! We start with the best plants sourced from Texas, California and beyond. Then incorporate the latest technology in sub-irrigation planting. The result? Plants and designs that work for each unique installation and provide the aesthetics and long-term beauty that you expect.

Patioscapes Gallery

Let us help plan your exterior environments today!