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About Jonathan

The wizard behind the curtain…

Jonathan Senneff is a self-proclaimed and peer validated jack-of-all-trades and master of FUN who professes to know a little about a lot!

For the past dozen years he has been applying his socially acceptable skill sets in a multitude of directions at Natura, the leader in enhancing built environments with a mission to create environments where PEOPLE THRIVE!

Beginning in 2006 he was tapped to manage Foliage Direct—the purchasing, logistics and wholesale distribution arm of Natura where he was tasked (and schooled) in vendor management, procurement and quality controls of our perishable plant products from 5k miles across the globe. Here he learned how to ensure our branch offices and customers are supported with a reliable, efficient and rapid supply chain. Once he tired from the relentless success of perfection (minus a few percentage points) he pivoted into the Marketing & Business Development arena.

After a host of [Ctrl+Alt+Delete] key strokes, a few website overhauls, a CRM implementation and some automagic technology integrations, he passionately applies the collisions of his creative right-brain with his analytical left to promote the brand, captivate new business and improve the customers experience with Natura.

In 2012 Jonathan was plucked out of the dating market by his wife Carly. They now enjoy the chaos of life in San Antonio with their two children, Charlotte and Callan—certifiable angles on-loan from Heaven!



  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Experiential Design
  • Web Design & Dev


  • Creating
  • Being in Nature
  • The Florida Keys
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Beware the lollipop of mediocrity–lick it once and you'll suck for life

- Jon's (stolen) Mantra

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