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This resource page is tailored for architects and design professionals to assist in specifying Green Wall Systems for common applications, general design considerations and to overview basic understandings of what it takes to design, install and maintain a successful project.


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Green Wall Systems - Specs
Design Resources

Green living walls are an emerging architectural design feature in the urban built environment.

With horizontal space at a premium, we have taken plants up the walls to bring the benefits of nature to commercial environments, both inside and out.

Biofiltration system
Natura Green Wall Specification Brief Cover

Green Wall Systems | Specification Brief

This mini-guide is intended for architects and design professionals as an overview of systems, applications, critical considerations and project approach.


Panel Systems

Panel Systems are a robust and intensive green wall system that incorporate planting media and irrigation systems into modular panels or tiles. The grow medium can range from soil, soil-less aggregates, rockwool, foam or synthetic fabrics.

Tray Systems

Tray Systems are designed to mount directly to a wall and displays plant material in their nursery grow pots. These systems are the most commonly specified due to their relative ease of installation and flexibility of design configurations to fit any space. Instant appeal is obtained with no pre-planting required at the nursery and ease of seasonal design swaps are possible with the plants not being directly planted into the systems growing media.


These systems are ideal for leased space or floor plans that change over time. They can be placed against a wall or in the middle a room to create partitions and privacy barriers.

Cassette Systems

Cassette Systems are as easy to install as framed artwork and hangs on your wall just like a painting. Living Art or Live Pictures are flexible and functional and available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Interchangeable cassettes hold 4″ plants and snap in and out of the frame for easy maintenance or plant variety swaps. The water reservoirs concealed behind the frame hold a 4 to 6 week supply of water and incorporates a wicking system for easy maintenance.

Moss Wall Preserved Artwork
Design Resources

Moss Walls are a cost-effective approach to incorporating natural design elements into your workplace.

Moss art installations can be placed just about anywhere with little to no maintenance and can be customized to any scale and color incorporating signage and brand logos.

Moss Wall Art - Camo
Moss Wall Art Brochure - Plant Interscapes

Moss Wall Art | General Brochure

Overview of concept, applications, materials and capacities.


Moss Green
Apple Moss
Pacific Green
Mint Green
Willow Moss Color
Lime Moss


Please refer to the general Moss Walls Site Page in the meantime, thanks!

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BioMontage Moss Artwork
Design Resources

BioMontage Moss Art address the human need to be in touch with the natural world by incorporating a diversity of natural materials into easy to install modular panels.

These nature-derived modular art panels are as easy to install as framed artwork and can be changed out or arranged with infinite design possibilities.

Biomontage Moss Art

BioMontage | Nature Derived Artwork

Overview of concept, frame sizes, materials & specifications.



BioMontage Frame 1224


12″ x 24″

Architectural Drawing (PDF)

BioMontage Frame 2424


24″ x 24″

Architectural Drawing (PDF)

BioMontage Frame 2448


24″ x 48″

Architectural Drawing (PDF)

Natural Reindeer Moss

Reindeer Moss grows abundantly in vast Scandinavian forests and is harvested by hand in a way that ensures perfect renewal of the plant. The moss is preserved naturally and is 100% biodegradable and fire retardant. Reindeer Moss is a very efficient acoustic modulator, making it the perfect biophilic design element in public places and office spaces.

Light Stone & Sustainable Bark

Light Stone Panels are made from a combination of natural stone and resin creating a material that is lighter and more manageable than real stone. We offer these naturally attractive panels in two finishes to compliment any interior: Prairie Brown and Mountain Grey.

Our Yellow Poplar tree bark originates from the Appalachian Hardwood Region of the U.S. This Poplar wood is used for furniture production but the bark has limited practical uses. BioMontage helps prevent the bark from becoming waste and has excellent acoustical properties.

Light Green Reindeer Moss

Light Green Reindeer Moss

Medium Green Reindeer Moss

Medium Green Reindeer Moss

Dark Green Reindeer Moss

Dark Green Reindeer Moss

Light Stone - Brown

Light Stone | Prairie Brown

Light Stone - Grey

Light Stone | Mountain Grey

Poplar Bark

Sustainable Poplar Bark

French Pole Moss

Pole Moss

Long Moss

Long Moss

Upcycled Coconut Tree Bark

Upcycled Coconut Bark

Mangium Tree Branches

Mangium Tree Branches

Black Frame

Gloss Black

White Frame

Gloss White

Moss Frame - Anthracite

Gloss Anthracite

Green Wall Systems

Green living walls are an emerging architectural design feature in the urban built environment. With horizontal space at a premium, we have taken plants up the walls to bring the benefits of nature to commercial environments, both inside and out.

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Moss Walls

Moss Walls require little on-going attention reducing service maintenance costs. Unlike live plants that must have suitable environmental conditions and regular care by a professional horticulturist—these works of art will retain their natural appearance and color year over year.

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BioMontage Moss Art

This nature-derived art collection consists of preserved natural materials that require no maintenance and offer a substantial benefit to your workspace. It utilizes lightweight, fire-resistant frames to mount biophilic materials to walls or room dividers. The two-part, snap on/off frame design enables quick interchange of panel inserts.

CEU Courses

Natura is a certified trainer through Green Plants for Green Buildings—an approved provider of continuing education in the US and across Canada recognized by AIA, IDCEC, ASID, BOMI, ASLA, USGBS, and their Canadian counterparts.

Review our course offerings and tell us when you would be interested in scheduling a CEU Lunch & Learn with your Firm.

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