About This Project

TaskUs has awesome office spaces! And has created a best-in-class, employee first culture that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

They have state of the art workspaces that incorporate biophilic design principles to connect their working environments with nature.

We want our employees to love where they work. We want to provide our employees with what they need to be successful, productive and, above all, happy. We can also recreate a client’s environment to infuse its culture and its brand identity into our offices, to better ensure that our employees feel like an extension of its in-house team.

Natura assists to create environments where People Thrive that attract and retain top talent.

This custom designed branded moss wall logo expresses the incredible value TaskUs places on incorporating nature into their office spaces.

Custom Branded Logo Moss Wall
Green Walls, Main Gallery, Moss Walls
Branded Moss Wall Logo, Moss Wall