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When it comes to office space, sterile lobbies, closed-in cubicles and fluorescent lights are just not cutting it anymore. Employees who spend anywhere from 40 to 50 hours a week at work want to feel inspired and productive in their office environments and companies are taking note.


a taste of their own medicine

A JLL Research report states that greenery in an office space promotes a sense of calm in an otherwise busy environment. In the new Raleigh office, you’ll find a sprawling 132 ft2 Moss Wall in the café covered in green reindeer lichen. This complex design required a precise margin of error no more than 1/16th” to ensure each panel fit exactly in place across the stair-step hexagonal tile pattern.


Well-being should come first

Each and every decision that was made during the process of bringing this space to life was made with people in mind. When employees are fulfilled and their well-being is minded by their workplace, their engagement and performance increases as a result. To the experts at JLL, this is what matters most. A holistic, human approach to real estate will make a more efficient business, a healthier environment, and happier employees.


JLL is a world leader in real estate services that takes a people-first approach to building out an effective workspace.


Raleigh, NC

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