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Natura is an indoor plant & outdoor landscape design, installation and maintenance firm servicing all major markets in Texas. We care for PLANTS & PEOPLE within the built environment. Our purpose is to create environments where PEOPLE THRIVE—and we do this by designing innovative ways reconnect people with nature. We incorporate live plants, greenwall systems & Christmas holiday decor packages into the spaces you live, work, learn and play.
Moss Wall
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Embassy Suites Landmark

Green Walls, Hospitality, Main Gallery, Moss Walls
About This Project

San Antonio, Texas

Guests and visitors are enjoying the warm, comfortable biophilic space that brings the outdoors in with this 165 square foot dual-sided Moss Wall Art. A mixed moss palette of spring green and dark green reindeer moss, pole moss and dark green sheet moss were combined into a free-form design.

As an Embassy Suites brand, botanical elements were a key part in the overall creative design strategy. Initial plans called for a living green wall to be installed behind the water features. Plans were revised due to access concerns for maintenance on a living plant wall behind the fountain and a beautiful multi-moss design was created to take its place.