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APRIL 30, 2018

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National Leader in Interiorscapes Celebrates 35 Years with New Image and New Name

SAN ANTONIO—Texas based interior landscape company, Plant Interscapes celebrates thirty-five years in business with a new brand and new name, Natura, to better reflect its identity and updated service offerings. Founded in 1983, Plant Interscapes has grown into one of the nation’s leading interior plantscape companies. The business has expanded into five Texas markets with over 100 employees serving 3,000 commercial environments.

Reflecting on their thirty-fifth anniversary, company owners of the Plant Interscapes family business, Mike Senneff and sons Joshua and Jonathan Senneff, embarked on a six-month rebranding process with their leadership team and a local agency, in order to better align their mission, vision, and core values to customer experiences in their growing business channels. Originally formed as an interior plant service to commercial customers, Plant Interscapes, now Natura, offers exterior landscape care, living wall systems and holiday décor.

“Having grown to become one of the top ten interiorscape businesses in the nation, we knew we had expanded beyond our original purpose. It was time to reflect on our true identity,” said Mike Senneff, CEO + Founder of Natura.

“In order to provide a consistent experience as our organization grew, both internally and externally, we knew it would require a shift in our brand,” said Joshua Senneff, President of Natura.

As they worked with their team and agency, they distilled their fresh core values:

People – Place others’ needs first; respect everyone.
Ownership – Own it and do it right; when in doubt, shout it out.
Faith – Honor God in all things.
Learning – Take initiative; keep learning.
Quality – Nothing less than the best.

“These are commonalities that we all share—it’s what we are absolutely passionate about, and we are so excited to have these core values push us forward for the next generation,” said Jonathan Senneff, Chief Marketing Officer.

Natura’s mission of creating environments where people thrive reflects their current and expanding lines of business beyond interiors.  And their central message of enhancing the built environment encompasses many new and exciting choices for its customers.

“We knew we needed to expand our name to be more descriptive of ourselves and our thriving business now and for the future,” said Jonathan Senneff, “Natura better reflects who we have become.”

Natura is the leader in enhancing the built environment, and they continue to create environments where people thrive.
For more information, visit or contact Jonathan Senneff at (888) 284-2257.


To download this Press Release in PDF format: PRESS RELEASE – Plant Interscapes Outgrows Name (Now Natura).