Plant Interscapes Acquires Greenscapes Unlimited

Plant Interscapes Acquires Greenscapes Unlimited



HOUSTON, TX—Plant Interscapes, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Greenscapes Unlimited, an interior horticultural services company based in Sugar Land Texas and operating in the Greater Houston market for the past 28 years. Greenscapes Unlimited was founded by business partners Marian Kozlovsky and Joe Holland, together they formed a team that is knowledgeable, creative and passionate about interior plants and their care.

The merger of Greenscapes Unlimited increases Plant Interscapes’ market share in the Houston area paving the way for continued growth and expansion aligned with its strategic initiatives. Plant Interscapes’ CEO, Mike Senneff states,

“The acquisition of the assets of Greenscapes Unlimited provides an increased presence for Plant Interscapes in the fast growing Houston market. The additional business allows us to create greater operational efficiencies and growth opportunities for all our team members.”

Plant Interscapes was founded in 1982 and operates in all major Texas markets with annual revenues over $10.0 million dollars. The company is responsible for the care and maintenance of over 2000 commercial interior landscapes each week. Plant Interscapes derives 70% of its revenue from interior landscaping, 20% from holiday decor installations and 10% from wholesale and special events activities, and employs 75 full time employees and 50 seasonal employees.

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