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Celebrate Nature Brochure
Celebrate Nature!

Alive! It’s vibrant living plants. In offices and buildings. Inside and out. It’s the sparkle of dozens of bromeliads. The charm of  seductive orchids. Or the majesty of 20-foot palms. Plants make the building Alive!

achieving results for business

How do you want your customers, your colleagues, and the general public to perceive your firm? How can Plant Interscapes help?

IMPACT is a vital contribution made to its clients by Plant Interscapes — it’s IMPACT that achieves results for business. How? With resourceful designs that use live plants, trees and blossoming flowers to create the appropriate, desired image.

JOY | Holiday by Natura

No one does holiday decorating like Natura! We have a flair for transforming indoor and outdoor spaces into warm, vibrant seasonal showcases.

Choose from a wide range of vibrant holiday themes. Lease, don’t buy. Trees, wreaths, garlands—and complimentary décor elements too. Natura’s award-winning design team will simplify your holiday season and transform your space into a holiday experience.

Green Wall Systems - Spec Brief
Green Living Walls

Green walls are certainly not new to nature and have inhabited urban structures for quite some time. But only recently have we begun to incorporate engineered purpose-built systems to encourage the vertical growth of plant life within our living and working environments.

The popularity of living green walls has exploded in recent years as architects, urban space planners, designers and green industry specifiers take advantage of the environmental, aesthetical and human health & well-being benefits by incorporating their use into the design of our environments.

[Tailored for Architects & Specifiers]
Natura Company Profile

Discover what makes our organization THRIVE!

Our purpose and passion is to create environments where PEOPLE THRIVE!
We do this by designing innovative ways to reconnect people with nature. We incorporate live plants, greenwall systems and holiday decor packages in the spaces where we live, work, learn and play.

COOL Environments

EFFICIENT. ECONOMICAL. EASY. ENVIRONMENTS. Turnkey Design Series for any size office. One flat monthly fee. Maintenance, rotations, replacements included. Now that’s COOL.

Efficient. Economical. Easy. Environments.
Holiday Design & Decor

At SEASONSCAPES we blend innovative design, quality fabrication and affordable packages with more than 30 years of holiday decor management expertise. Our in-house team of talented artists, space planners and designers will create a themed decor  program that differentiates your property with the magic of the season.

Think Green. Live Green.

Why Plants? Human-Centered Design and—and the Bottom Line. Concerns over our ecological footprint and green building practices are moving more mainstream and indoor plants naturally help filter air impurities making them perfect for all interior spaces. There’s no better time than now to breathe in nature and think green.

Think Green. Live Green. the benefits of plants

The Challenge: Make the holiday season bright, colorful and festive. Inside and outside, too. From traditional to spectacular. From modest to massive. And always with a distinctive flair.

Strategy: Choose from a wide range of vibrant holiday themes. Trees, wreaths, garlands — and so many specialty décor elements, too. Our team will simplify holiday decorating and make your space truly spectacular.

Outcome: From quiet and subdued to exuberant and very impressive. You’ll transform your space and capture the essence of the holiday season.

CELEBRATE! Holiday Design & Decor
go beyond CLEAN!

Protect your people. Preserve peace of mind.

Safeguard your workforce with commercial disinfection services. Avoid business disruptions with precautionary & preventative environmental disinfection. The workplace environment influences employees’ productivity, performance and well-being. No matter the industry, maintaining a clean workplace will help keep staff members safe, healthy and efficient.

You may be able to take small steps to keep your environment cleaner than most, but ultimately, you’ll need professional services to effectively combat the spread of disease.

Electrostatic Disinfection Services
Natura Indoor Plant Guide
Plant Selection Guide

Selecting the RIGHT plants for the job is of primary importance.  Strategic design considers environment conditions, design cohesion, brand identity and taste.  These are our most popular plants. While some of the large and specimen plants may be in limited supply, most are readily available.

Moss Wall Art Brochure - Plant Interscapes
MOSS Walls

As urbanites get more and more isolated from the natural world, their desire to maintain some sort of connection has inspired creative new interior design ideas.  INTRODUCING the latest TREND in GREEN design. Moss Walls. Creative & cost-effective approaches to impart your brand & enhance the nature of your workplace.

ESCAPE - Exterior Plant Design Solutions

The Challenge:  Create welcoming, remarkable, and dynamic exteriors. Maintain your space easily, keeping the look fresh.

Strategy:  Designing your space with a series of lush outdoor trees and plants, creating a custom look and feel. Our award-winning team  performs all maintenance and replacement services.

Outcome:  Inviting outdoor and rooftop environments that inspire employees and customers, raise morale, and distinguish your business.

Natural Moss Wall Artwork

BioMontage addresses the human need to be in touch with the natural world by incorporating a diversity of natural materials into easy to install modular panels.

These nature-derived modular art panels are as easy to install as framed artwork and can be changed out or arranged with infinite design possibilities.