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About Jossey

I have had a very fun and adventurous life, but this may be one of my best jobs and biggest challenges yet! Before Plant Interscapes, I worked with a cruise line, as a high-end caterer in Miami, and then as a wine broker for French wines (I used to live in France!). But as the jobs changed and the years passed, I wanted to be closer to my family and do something really different, even for me.

I joined Plant Interscapes in July 2016, and since becoming a member of the sales and design team, I have continued to live out my “mantra” of doing what you love so you can love what you do. My favorite days at work are when I can jazz up someone’s space through unique designs or out-of-the box ideas, while still maintaining the high standards of Plant Interscapes’ design team and the company’s brand.

My plants are like living artwork. They’re individual and unique. You won’t see me “paint” the same thing twice!



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