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What do I do if I don't see my technician?

First, determine if your technician missed your location. For many of our calls of this sort we find that our technician was at your location, but they arrived a little off-schedule or when you were at lunch. Our technicians are required to get a signature or leave a service receipt when they visit your location on their regular route.

Also, many people assume that dry-looking soil means their plant did not get service. Not true. Our technicians might not water a plant if the bottom of the soil is wet already, depending on the needs of the plant.  The technician may only dust or rotate the plant in these cases. If the plant looks fine, then it is fine. After all, the goal is to have healthy plants, not wet soil.

If you determine your technician did miss a visit, do not worry. Your technician may be sick or delayed for some reason. You are welcome to submit a ticket at the CARE Desk and we will provide an action plan. Your technician may be there the following day, or the following scheduled day at their normal time.  We may also send a supervisor as a substitute technician. Remember, all of your plants are guaranteed, and most plants can handle a missed visit with no problems.

Can I request to have a plant replaced?

Yes, but our goal is that you should never have to ask to have a plant replaced. Our technicians are trained to spot a plant in decline, and whenever possible, will have your plant replaced while it still is acceptable in appearance.

If you see a plant that is below average in appearance, inquire first with your technician. It is likely that the plant is already scheduled to be replaced. If not, the technician will write up a replacement order immediately. If your technician is not available, or you need an answer sooner, please reach out to our CARE Desk.

Once in a while, someone will ask for a replacement plant because they just don’t like their current plant. Our guarantee does not apply to healthy plants, so in these cases we recommend that we switch plants with another within your location.

Can I move my plants?

We ask that you please not move your plants without contacting us first. People often will move a plant into an area with a different amount of light, which can be harmful to a plant. Therefore, we do not guarantee plants which have been moved without our approval.

In most cases, we will allow plants to be moved around your offices with no problem. We may suggest appropriate places for the plants, or suggest new plants better suited for the new area. If you are moving to a new building, call us and we can move your plants for a small fee. Many moving companies are not properly equipped to move live plants, especially in the cooler months.

What is my technician spraying on my plants?

We sometimes get a call from someone saying we are spraying insecticide in their office.

This is usually not the case. We rarely need to spray any pesticides. Your technician is most likely spraying leaf shine on your plants.  We use silicone-based leaf shine to bring out the lush, green appearance of the leaves, and to repel dust. It is an added service that we provide that most plant companies do not.

The leaf shine is not a pesticide and is not harmful to plants or people. We use leaf shine with care, since some types of leaves should not be shined. We will discontinue using leaf shine on your plants if you request it.

What do I do if I see a bug?

First, if you can, determine if the bug(s) came from the plants. Most insects which reside on plants are very small and almost invisible to the human eye, so larger insects such as flies, spiders, or ants are most likely not originating from the plants.

The peskiest insect you are likely to see is a fungus gnat.  It looks like a very tiny black fly. These will get into your building when someone brings a plant from home, or in nice weather will fly in through an open door or window. They sometimes nest in the soil of your plants, where they may multiply. We periodically treat the soil as a preventative measure against fungus gnats.

Most people confuse these insects with fruit flies. They are similar, but fungus gnats are smaller. Please check for insects around old fruit or in trash bins. Throwing away old fruit will most likely solve your fruit fly problem.

Fungus gnats are an annoyance, but are not harmful. They do not buzz and do not bite.  They live for about a week. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide in your breath, so they have an annoying habit of flying in front of your face.

If you determine that you saw a fungus gnat or some other type of insects coming from the plants, please reach out to the CARE Desk, or notify your technician so that we may address the problem immediately.

I have a query on an invoice. Who should I contact?

You should call a member of your dedicated branch team and they will be able to resolve your query.

Click here for branch locations.

Or you can call our CARE Desk at 1-888-284-2257 ext.101 and someone will be able to assist you.

How can I find out when our next service visit is?

Call us at 1-888-284-2257 and speak to a member our team. Please have your account and contract number at hand. In the near future we will be launching a new website for our customers where they can view service history as well as when the next visits are due.

Questions or Feedback? Contact our CARE Team.