Contemporary Christmas Decorations for Office Lobby





100 Congress Ave.


Katherine Wheeler




Multi-Tenant Office Building




Awarding Agency & Judge Panel

i-Plants Urban Horticulture Magazine

published by Johnson Fediw Consulting Associates

2017 International Design Contest judged by panel of 4 industry experts. Award submissions were judged on the uniqueness and innovation of design; innovative use of materials; appropriateness for the space and client satisfaction.

100 Congress Ave | Austin | Awarded 1st Place – Holiday Decor

How much fun can you have taking a 1970’s holiday into the new millennium? Built in the 1970’s, this lobby was transformed into a contemporary space using one of the top design firms in the nation.

The Situation

It was hard to believe the difference from the “traditional” marble and granite to the cur-rent space. Once completed the lobby was transformed into a contemporary setting with front and back facing windows two stories high. The floors where replaced with white flooring making this an open and airy space.

The Approach

Meeting with the Property Manager who had a long history of traditional décor was a challenge however after many meetings and multiple presentations he came on board with the new contemporary look and was sent many complements from his tenants that said “we have the best Christmas decorations in Austin”.

The Results:

Now replacing the traditional scenes often large and taking much space is the sleek look of less is more and it’s beautiful. 14’ custom made white trees with red theme décor made adding the props a challenge. White deer oversees the front entrance and stacked ornaments are centered as you walk into the space.
A beautiful, contemporary new sight to see as you enter the lobby. Pure Joy.

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