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Corpus Christi Branch Helps to Clean Up Vacant Storefronts

Corpus Christi Branch Helps to Clean Up Vacant Storefronts

Our Corpus Christi branch is Helping the Downtown Management District Cleaning Up Vacant Storefronts



The Downtown Management District has begun something they are calling storefront activations. Essentially, they are cleaning up vacant storefronts at no cost to the owners of the vacant properties.

The project pairs the property owners with businesses, groups, schools and organizations wishing to display merchandise or art to promote events and activities. The former Honey Bee Hams storefront in the 600 block of Chaparral Street was the first to get a makeover.

“This is really exciting,” said Lori Willie of the Downtown Management District. “All we wanted to do was a little clean up, and it’s catching on really quickly.”

As construction on Chaparral Street edges toward completion, they hope to reach out to more property owners and dress up their windows to make downtown more attractive. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend